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Sant Llorenç d'Oix church

  • Sant Llorenç d'Oix church
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The parish church of Sant Llorenç d'Oix is located on the southernmost point of the village, with the north façade bordering other buildings. It is a Romanesque construction which already existed in the 10th century, modified at later stages due to security needs. It has a single nave with a pointed barrel vault, as well as a semi-circular apse heightened in the east. It boasts a saw-type frieze interspersed by decorated corbels, a ledge and a central window with two degradation arches. On the noon side, there is a ledge, two windows and the entrance door, reinstated during the restoration process. The spiked wooden door, with a decorative bolt with geometrical motifs in the shape of a dragon's head, is not the original one, since it belonged to the church of Santa Maria de Castellar de la Muntanya. Inside the church there is a baptismal font in the shape of a pot. It has simple characteristics without decorations. The coat of arms of the noble family of Barutell is still preserved too. The family, over the 15th century, left the castle of Bestrecà and moved to the village of Oix. The coat of arms has a diagonal bar, on which there is a dog with a risen tail and a collar.