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Sant Miquel de Monteia church

  • Sant Miquel de Monteia church
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The old church of Sant Miquel de Monteia is located on the south-eastern slope of the Entreperes range, on a 800 metres high plain below the La Calma peak. Sant Miquel de Monteia church has a single nave with pointed barrel vault and a semi-circular apse. The apse has three double-sided windows and, on the eastern façade, there is a small window in the shape of a Greek cross. Onto the western wall there is a small belfry with a single opening. On the inside of the nave there are two stone pews which form two treads. There is also a baptismal font, although it is quite deteriorated. All these elements turn Sant Miquel de Monteia church into a clear example of the dominant architecture of La Garrotxa in the 12thand 13th centuries.