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Santa Cecília de Sadernes church

  • Santa Cecília de Sadernes church
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Santa Cecília de Sadernes parish church is located in the lower part of the neighbourhood next to the rectory. This neighbourhood is composed by several scattered farmhouses. Today, Santa Cecília de Sadernes still holds the status of parish church. It is a Romanesque building dating from the 12th century, which appears mentioned in a document back in the year 977, in the founding act of the monastery of Besalú. It has a single nave with a slightly pointed barrel vault. The church was modified and the temple heightened, turning it into a stronghold, as we can appreciate in the loopholes located in the upper part of the apse. The belfry was turned into a bell tower with a square floor plan. Today, Sadernes is the most important entrance gate of the Alta Garrotxa. Therefore, the consortium which runs this natural area has its headquarters in the old rectory.