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Santa Llúcia de Trenteres church

  • Santa Llúcia de Trenteres church
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Santa Llúcia de Trenteres church is a small chapel with a single nave and a chapel on its side, which is part of the village named after it. The origin of this church is unknown; although there is evidence that in the 15th century it already existed and that it had to be restored because of the earthquakes that affected La Garrotxa. Nowadays, Santa Llúcia is formed by a neoclassical altar, a bare front wall crowned by a small bell tower. Every year, on the 13th of December, on St Llúcia's Day, a traditional mass is celebrated and people sing couplets to Santa Llúcia. On the same weekend there is a gathering where people dance sardanes, listen to a music concert after the Sunday Mass and take part in a fair with local products, such as the Santa Pau beans.