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Santa Maria de Segueró church

  • Santa Maria de Segueró church
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The church of Santa Maria is located in the village of Segueró, within the municipality of Beuda, found on the eastern slope of La Mare de Déu del Mont. The first documented references related to the parish of Segueró date back to 1001. In the document it literally says “... parrochia sancte Marie quae est in villa Sagarone...”. Years later, in 1016, the count of Besalú, Bernat Tallaferro, donated to the monastery of Santa Maria de Besalú some territories of the parish; in 1017, he donated the whole parish to the bishopric of Besalú, which lasted until 1020, when the parish of Santa Maria de Segueró became a possession of the bishopric of Girona. Inside the church of Santa Maria de Segueró there is the Virgin with the Christ-Child made of polychrome alabaster dating from the 14th century. A monument of the Easter Week, which dates back to the year 1747, is still preserved, as well as a 17th century gravestone, belonging to the family Noguer from Segueró. It is known that well into the 20th century some fragments of the Novenari d'Ànimes were still preserved; painted by Joan Carles Panyó, firstheadmaster of the Olot's art school, at the beginning of the 19th century. We can state that the church of Santa Maria de Segueró dates back to the 12th century, and, although there is not a clear reference of its construction date, it might have been built during the first half of the 12th century. It is a simple building with a single nave; the semi-circular apse is orientated to the east and it has a window in the central part. The decoration of the apse, as well as its Lombard arches with loopholes and a tooth type frieze are of great interest. The door through which you can access the temple, located in the west, has three rectangular voussures with no decoration. The belfry was substituted by the present bell tower, where we can find a frontispiece in the west.