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Santa Pau village and surroundings

  • Santa Pau village and surroundings
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Santa Pau's old centre still preserves the original layout of the old Medieval city centres, since it has the Vila Vella, an enclosed area with very typical Medieval features. Around 1300 some sites were developed and, therefore, Castell de Santa Pau village was born. The village expanded to the north-east, although the first fortified centre did not exist until the houses were enlarged to the south-west side. In less than 20 years, the original centre became the Vila Vella and the houses close to the walls were demolished, leaving an empty space which would later become the village's future main square. This square, also called Firal dels Bous, is surrounded by several porches on which there is the first floor with a single opening and a garret under the roof where straw and grain was kept. The lintels are engraved with noble shields and handcrafted emblems. The square surrounds the castle, which was where the village started. Still within the limits of the old walls, there is a small maze formed by four small streets which lead to the Portal del Mar. From this place, we can enjoy a stunning view of the valleys surrounding the village. Through Portal de Vila Nova or Portal de Sant Antoni, we can access the Medieval square, which has become the village's most distinctive feature.