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Sculptures of the artists meeting in Santa Pau (1992)

  • Sculptures of the artists meeting in Santa Pau (1992)
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Thanks to an initiative promoted by the Provincia of Frosinone (Italy), in October 1992 Santa Pau celebrated a meeting of young artists coming from Catalonia and Italy. The experience consisted in a week of work during which the participants had to create a work of art that could be integrated in the urban area of the municipality. They were absolutely free to choose both the type of work and the materials used. However, all of them were able to integrate their pieces into the Medieval landscape which characterizes the village of Santa Pau. As a result of this artistic experience we can still enjoy the different works of art which embellish the village. One of the sculptures which were added at a later date to Santa Pau's cultural heritage are Mans Fosques de Bronze, created by Ester Baulida, and different places, such as the small spring next to Dels Valls square. Not far from this place, following the wall of the castle, we can find one of the most emblematic works of this meeting: the Nena Blanca Mig Esporuguida, made of bronze, which was created by the artist Anna Manel·la, from Olot. The Trapezi, by Pep Camps, which is just in front of the Nena Blanca Mig Esporuguida, is also worth noting. It is made of stainless steel and it evokes us to the harmony of our daily routine. Finally, the piece by Franco Marrocco, made of iron and placed in a corner of the De la Vila Vella square, is also of great interest.