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The defence tower of the Bisaroques volcano

  • The defence tower of the Bisaroques volcano
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The Bisaroques volcano is the smallest one in Olot. It stands at the east of the city, near the Salut and Tries springs and it is located at a height of 525 metres.At the top of the volcano, near the crater, there is a defence tower with a rectangular floor built in 1835 during the First Carlist War. It has a great viewpoint from where you can see the Montolivet, Montsacopa and Garrinada volcanoes. The Bisaroques volcano had two phases, the first was strombolian and it gave rise to the volcanic cone. In this phase small explosions take place, as a consequence of the gas approximating the surface while the lava is at rest. The second one was effusive, a phase characterised by the quite and continuous emission of lava flows which, in this case, reached the river Fluvià. It was then when the crater got its characteristic horseshoe shape.