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The defence tower of the Montolivet volcano

  • The defence tower of the Montolivet volcano
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At the top of Montolivet volcano there is a defence tower built in 1835 during the Frist Carlist War, at the same time as the one in Sant Francesc volcano and also the one in Bisaroques. The tower is formed by two floors full of loopholes and, at the time of its construction, it was surrounded by a moat and a small wall. The base was built with huge volcanic stone blocks taken from Montolivet. This volcano is the result of two eruptive phases which took place more than 100.000 years ago. The first one was strombolian and emited cinder in the same way as the Montsacopa volcano, consequently creating the volcanic cone. The second phase was explosive and caused a lava flow which reached the creek of Riudaura. The lava flow also formed a lake of lava which later became what we now know as the Pla de Dalt and Planotes quarters. In the past, this volcano was known as Puig de la Rovira until, in the 17th century, the Capuchin monks gave it a biblic name: Montolivet.