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The Devil's Stone

  • The Devil's Stone
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Between Santa Pau village and Can Batlle waterfall we can find a great basaltic menhir called La Pedra del Diable (The Devil's Stone). It was dug out in 1872 by Joaquim Vayreda. It was probably built during the Neolithic Age or the Iron Age. According to the legend, a woman was to marry a young man who lived on the other side of the river Ter, near Girona. However, the river flew so full of water that it was impossible to cross. Then, the woman sold her soul to the devil just so he brought her to the other side of the river before that midnight. The devil started building a stone bridge, bringing giant stones from the Pyrenees. Whilst he still was carrying the last one, midnight arrived, so he dropped it, causing a big splash. The place where the stone landed can still be visited. You will need to leave the car in the designated parking area and walk for a bit following the signs.