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The Museum Area of the Montsacopa Volcano

  • The Museum Area of the Montsacopa Volcano
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An exceptional volcanic cone, which due to its centrally-located crater, is a feature unique in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa. The name ‘Montsacopa' comes from the cup-shaped crater (the ‘copa'), which at its summit, measures some 120 metres in diameter and is 12 metres deep. This crater is the result of a sequence of two eruptive phases; firstly a Strombolian (of lesser explosive force) and later aPhreatomagmatic explosion (of greater magnitude). These eruptive sequences can be seen on the restored ‘gredera' (former mining works), at the base of the volcano, behind the cemetery. The Montsacopa volcano stands on top of Olot's old centre. Its round crater has a diameter of 120 metres and a depth of 12 metres. The people from Olot often wander around the crater. Built in 1817, it has a single nave and a bell tower, as well as a place for the tenants to live. The chapel is placed right where the crater faces Olot, turning it into a privileged viewpoint of the city. From here you can admire the old city centre, the bell tower of Sant Esteve church, the bullring, the new city, the Bisaroques and Montolivet volcanoes and the ranges and valleys which surround Olot.