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The Museum of Volcanoes

  • The Museum of Volcanoes
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The Museum of Volcanoes is located in the Castanys tower, right in the centre of Olot's Parc Nou. Its building was designed by Josep Fontserè in 1854 and it had previously housed the Museum of Modern Art until 1985. The Volcano Museum can be found in Castanys tower, right in the middle of the Parc Nou d'Olot and it specializes in the physical landscape of La Garrotxa. It analyses the seismic and volcanic phenomena, focusing on the main traits of the volcanic areas present in La Garrotxa. The museum also gives information about the main ecosystems of the region, using graphic dioramas. The museum also looks at local forests and river woodlands, containing beech, oak, holm oaks, as well as non-woodland urban areas, with the huge diversity of plant and animal species that inhabit in the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. The exhibition is accompanied by an audio-visual presentation based on the seismic and volcanic activity in the area, where visitors can also experience the simulated earthquakes which damaged all the buildings of Olot in the 15th century.