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Tortellà lintels

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n Tortellà there are still many engraved lintels in the house doors. The lintel, in ancient times, was used to give information about the date in which the house was built, or the job that the owners of each house had. In Tortellà the most important lintels are in Ca l'Àngel, a manorhouse located in the Market square and built at the end of the 18th century. This manorhouse boasts two lintels engraved with two dates and the name “JOAN SIMON Y ARBAT”. It must also be mentioned that it is an exception because it has remained intact, since, during the Third Carlist War, General Savalls and his men burned down most of the town. The rest of the lintels which are also worth visiting are the following ones: the one in Sant Pere Street engraved with “Ave Maria Purisima. 1790”, the one in Can Duran, engraved with “Jaume Doran 1756” and, lastly, the one in Fàbrica Gran engraved with a shield and the year 1784.