Francesc de Verntallat’s home


Francesc de Verntallat came from the Puigpardines family and was born in La Vall d'en Bas in the first half of the 15 th century. It is probably the most remarkable historic character that has ever lived in this territory. Thanks to the fight he led, the Remença peasants could escape from the slavery conditions in which they had to live, consequently changing the social history of Catalonia and advancing it in time, since, in the rest of Europe, the sechanges did not happen until the 18th and 19th centuries. In France, the rights acquired by the Remença peasants in Catalonia, were not present until the late 18th century with the French Revolution. We do not know many details about the life of Francesc de Verntallat. He might have come from the Puigpardines family, an important family in La Garrotxa. Although he might have not been the heir, this fact could have freed him from being a Remença peasant. However, he led the fight against the feudal obligations the peasants were subjected to and ended up being appointed viscount of Hostoles by the King John II. The farmhouse where he was born is still preserved and has its name, althoughit has gone through a lot of alterations over the past centuries.

APARCAMENT: Francesc de Verntallat’s home

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