Gassiot house


It is in Sant Rafael Street 22, in the corner of Mare de Déu dels Dolors Street and it was built by Alfred Paluzié. In 1911 the previous building was demolished and the construction of the new one started. The building belonged to Jaume Gassiot Magret (1876-1959), married to Carme Burch de Sitjar, who was a forensic doctor in Sant James hospital, regional inspector and medicine subdelegate. In this case, Paluzié based Modernism on Medieval architecture, which clearly influenced the central façade, which has two balconies with keel neo-Gothic arches on the second and third floors. On the upper part of the façade there is a Renaissance representation: an eagle with open wings on a medallion with an allegory referring to the medicine field. In the first floor there is the sculpture called La Radiologia, by Rossend Aubert, which reminds us of Doctor Gassiot's dedication to this medical field. Among all Paluzié's houses, this is the most Medieval one, although it is also Modernist. The neo-Gothic arches in the main façade, as well as the detailed wrought iron balustrade are of great interest.

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