Old Royal Road


Pastoral visits by the bishop's officials follovved the royal road that runs betvveen Girona and Olot. One of the obligatory stops vvas Sant Feliu, normally at the Mas de la Torra country house.

The royal roads vvere the busiest old public roads and they connected different cities, tovvns and neighbourhoods. This royal road came from Girona, crossed the tovvn of Sant Feliu de Pallerols and reached so far as the sanctuary of la Salut. Once there, it descended tovvards la Devesa, and, after passing by some farmhouses, it connected to the tovvn of Cantonigròs. The road vvent tovvards Santa Maria de Corcó (L'Esquirol) and Roda de Ter until ending up at Vic. Another branch of the road passed el Coll d'en Bas tovvards Sant Esteve d'en Bas, in the direction of Olot.

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