Pujador house


It is in Carme Street 5, in the corner with Verge del Portal Street. It was built between 1911 and 1912 by Josep Azemar Pont (Figueres 1862-1914), who carried out several architectural projects in Barcelona, Puigcerdà and mainly in Figueres, his native city. It is Medieval-Modernist style with some eclectic neo-Gothic recreations. The use of the stone must be mentioned, since it gives the house a certain aspect of strength, which improves the aesthetic of Conill square. The part of the chamfer is the most interesting. On top of the banister two columns stand with capitals used as a base for the seven openings with semi-circular arches. The tower has a circular floor with a pointed circular roof and it is the axis of this Neogrothic building in which the eclectic elements stand out. Right in the centre of the tower the stone was sculpted with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, made by the sculptor Antoni Collellmir from Castellfollit de la Roca. The gallery on the corner, with stained glasses and made of glazed ceramics, is also worth noting. Urbanistically speaking, it constitutes an important reference point.

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