Rocafort Street chairs


Placed in Rocafort Street in Besalú, close to the wall, there are some chairs that are part of an artistic compound dating from 1994. They come from an initiative promoted by the Provincia of Frosinone (Italy) that celebrated a meeting of young artists coming from Catalonia and Italy. The last meeting took place in the small village of Morolo and also in Besalú. It was decided that the pieces of work created by the artists would remain in the same place where they were created. Most of those works have already been integrated in the urban area of the municipality. Some others have disappeared or, such as the one made by Anna Manel·la, placed right in front of Sant Martí de Capellades hermitage, has been moved away after several attempted thefts. Among the works we can still admire there are the chairs hung on the walls of the Moneda house in Rocafort Street or the chair stuck on the floor by Ester Baulida.

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