Sant Feliu de Beuda church


Coming from Olot, you can reach Beuda by going along the C-153 (N-260) in the direction of Besalú-Girona; once in Besalú, we will have to take the second exit of the carriageway and, at the roundabout, take the next exit in the direction of Beuda. Beuda is a sparsely populated municipality and it has many farmhouses scattered through its territories. It is also surrounded by nature, which allows the visitors to enjoy its unique landscapes. In fact, the medieval heritage is part of Beuda's natural landscape, both religious and civil buildings. Some of the most important ones are the old traditional alabaster and granite quarries, highly appreciated during medieval times. Near the village we can find the castle of Beuda, a Gothic construction. The Romanesque church of Sant Feliu de Beuda, the present parish of the village, is also of great interest. From an archaeological point of view, it is an important vestige of the Catalan Romanesque art. The building, dating from the 11th century, has a basilical plan with three naves and three apses. The central nave has a barrel vault, whilst the side ones have quarter barrel vaults. The chancel is part of the main apse, of almost the same height as the central nave. Although it has undergone several modifications over the centuries, it still preserves its original structure, such as the entrance door, which has three arches without a drum. Inside the church there is a baptismal font decorated with sculpted figures and small blind arches. Dating from approximately the 12th century, it has a style similar to the one in Sant Pere de Rodes. It also shows parallelisms with the ones in Sant Privat d'en Bas, Sant Joan les Fonts, Santa Pau and with the brackets of the church of Maià de Montcal. On the other hand, in the field of civil constructions, the farmhouses of Noguer de Segueró, Falgars, La Masó or Can Maholà are also of great interest.

APARCAMENT: Sant Feliu de Beuda church

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