Sant Francesc chapel


Until the 18th century, on top of the volcano Montsacopa there were Tres Creus, Sant Crist and Sant Francesc d'Assís chapels. The French had built the fort of Sant Francesc from 1811, and in 1814 blew up in their retreat from the city of Olot. Sant Francesc chapel was built with the stones of the dynamited fortification, and was inaugurated on August 25, 1817. It is a single nave, a Latin cross with a dome on the cruise and bell tower. With the rebuilding of the fort in 1835, the chapel remained in the enclosure, and the place has become a privileged viewpoint of the city, which allows to observe the old town, the church of Sant Esteve, the volcanoes of Bisaroques and Monteolivet, the new neighborhoods and the mountains surrounding the valley of the Fluvià river as it passes through Olot.

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