Sant Martí de Capsec church


From the La Canya roundabout, take the road leading to Ripoll and, once in Llocalou, take a turning to the right. After a kilometre, you will have to cross the Bianya creek. Then, turn left and, after a kilometre take another turning to the right and follow the path to the north, which will lead you to the church. It must be noted that most sections of the road are narrow. Located on the southern slope of the eastern extreme of the Malforat range, in the sector of Capsec, you will find Sant Martí de Capsec church. The first reference we have of Sant Martí de Capsec dates from the year 1017. It appeared on a Papal Bull signed by the Pope Benedictine VIII, who gave the building to the monastery of Sant Pere de Camprodon. Sant Martí de Capsec church presents many questions in terms of architecture. However, its state does not help much in letting us find answers. The inside is highly and intricately ornamented, a fact which does not help when trying to learn more about its structures and the reforms which were carried out. The plan of the church is of just one big nave, with a slightly pointed barrel vault. Nowadays, the barrel vault is deformed, due to the application of some ribs which draw ribbed vaults in each of the three transverse ribs. Close to the semi-circular apse, there are two side chapels, between the transverse arches, except in the western end of the nave, which was not enlarged at a later date, and where there is the door on the noon façade. This door is covered with a stone lintel and a tympanum, which merge in the discharging arch. It certainly is a quite primitive and old-fashioned interpretation of the typical entrance doors of La Garrotxa in the 12th century. Onto the western wall there is the bell tower, with a square floor plan and two floors with windows. One of the main unsolved mysteries is the chevet, since it has an apsidiole which cannot be accessed from the church. Probably, there was another symmetric apsidiole on the noon wall, which was replaced by the present sacristy. Inside the church there is an ovoid Romanesque baptismal font with a cut in the lower part. There is also a holy water font in the shape of a semi sphere with an intricately decorated with relief.

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