Sant Martí del Corb church


Sant Martí del Corb is a small Romanesque church with a single nave and a semi-circular apse. You can access it through a stairway and a porch supported by pilasters and a two sided saddle roof. On each side of the entrance door there are two openings with wrought iron bars, which allow people to admire the inside of the temple. At the frontispiece you will find the belfry tower with a single opening. Sant Martí del Corb church is located near the L'Antiga, a manor house which belonged to the the botanist Estanislau Vayreda. In the surroundings there is a small font on which the Virgin was drawn in low relief by the sculptor Joan Roquer. For this occasion, the poetess Montserrat Vayreda, Estanislau Vayreda's granddaughter, dedicated the poem called Ermita de Sant Martí del Corb.Thanks to the support of the town hall, as well as the one of the Cultural Department of the Government of Catalonia, the roof and the inside of the chapel of Sant Martí were restored.

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