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EN RUTA GIRONA is an active tourism company that organizes excursions and guides in interpretive hiking in La Garrotxa and its surroundings, and offers an service in management and communication for entities.

We bring the natural and tourist resources of La Garrotxa to everybody, paying special attention to those tourist activities that respect and take care of our natural, historical and social environment in order not to compromise it in the future.

The interpretive guides in hiking that we offer are activities that combine slow travel and responsible tourism, avoiding the overexploitation of spaces and the seasonalization of tourist activity, while allowing to enjoy the territory in a way quiet and unhurried, enhancing the local economy and activities that respect the environment.

We invite you to go hiking, and together we will explore and discover the most hidden and authentic corners of the volcanic region of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona: La Garrotxa.

You can contact us calling at 656634440 or 656695098.

Sustainability memory 2018


  • Address : c. Bartomeu Terradas Brutau. 5
  • Phone number : 656 63 44 40
  • Car park : Yes
  • Sustainable Partners of European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas / Quality inform : Yes
  • Dogs allowed : Oui
  • Mild mobility movement
  • Serious mobility movement
  • Guidance type : Nature
  • Joëlette one-wheeled wheelchair : Yes