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Mas Casamitjana country house

  • Mas Casamitjana country house
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Mas Casamitjana is a country house dating back to the year 1344 very well preserved where  the Casamitjana  family descendants still live in it.

We are in a rural environment and the volcanic area of Garrotxa. Inside of our propriety there are some grass zones because we also work in cattle breeding and we have different types of animals: cows, rabbits, chicken, buffalos…  

In our propriety there also are forests of beech, oak and chestnut. If you want to enjoy the nature in peace,  we wait you.


  • Address : Mas Can Casamitjana, 13
  • Phone number : 972 27 26 69
  • Category : 3 ears
  • Type : Full rent house
  • Dogs allowed : Oui
  • Government license : PG-000692