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Olot is located next to the creek of the river Fluvià, on the central plain of La Garrotxa. It is part of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and has four volcanoes, among which the most famous one is the Montsacopa. Sant Francesc chapel, on top of the crater, offers a spectacular panorama of the city. The first documented references of Olot date back to the 9th century. The earthquakes of the 15th century destroyed nearly all the buildings and the city was reconstructed outside the city wall perimeter. Today, the old city centre still boasts important Modernist buildings and churches like the Tura church, dedicated to the patron of the city. Around this area, you can find many handmade products. As you will see in the La Garrotxa Museum, this artistic tradition comes from long ago. The Museum of the Volcanoes and the Els Sants Museum are also of great interest, with elements dating from the year 1880. Olot also boasts a spectacular countryside with elements worth visiting such as the La Moixina and its surroundings. You can walk around the natural spaces, cycle along the green road or relax in the parks. Olot's cuisine uses the natural richness of this volcanic territory and merges nature and tradition with innovation.