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Although the first historic reference of Sant Jaume de Llierca dates from 940, it was not until 1930 that it became an independent village. Until then, the village was known as Palau de Montagut, since it was a quarter integrated in the municipal borders of Montagut. It is clearly divided from the west to the east by the river Fluvià, which marks out the area of its relief and human activity: in the south, the land is covered with oak and pine forests; in the north, the land is flatter and it is where the vast majority of the population concentrates; the industrial area and the farmland give to the village its distinctive rural essence. The development of the population centre and the rich cultural tradition of the village go hand in hand with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution: the architectural heritage of Brutau, the old textile factory, the eixample with its perfectly regular urban plan, the vegetable patches, the parish church, the font and the leisure area, the building of the old schools, the showbiz, etc.