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The Vall d'en Bas is a fertile flat territory located in the south of La Garrotxa, surrounded by small mountain ranges like Corb or Sant Miquel. It is also at the foot of Puigsacalm, the link between the countys of La Garrotxa and Osona. This is precisely the valley where the river Fluvià, which crosses nearly the whole comarca, is born. The municipality consists of seven villages: Sant Esteve d'en Bas, Els Hostalets d'en Bas, Joanetes, Puigpardines, El Mallol, Sant Privat d'en Bas and La Pinya. The Vall d'en Bas is marked by human presence, closely linked to the farming. Although the first human settlements date from over 6000 years ago, it is in the Middle Ages when the valley reaches its maximum splendour, being part of the viscountcy of Bas, as well as the setting of the first remença revolts. This is the reason why a great part of the cultural and historic heritage preserved in the village dates from the Medieval Ages. Highly remarkable are the historic and artistic legacy of El Mallol or the Romanesque church of Sant Esteve, which has the oldest Christ sculpture in Catalonia. Apart from this heritage, the Vall d'en Bas is characterised by its stunningly beautiful landscapes and, especially, by its riches of local gastronomy.