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Mieres is a village located at the western end of La Garrotxa, in a basin formed by the graben of the Baixa Garrotxa, near the Pla de l'Estany. The Cassola (cooking pot) de Mieres, as Josep Plà called it, was limited by the Finestres range and the mountain of Montfalgó. The rivers Ritort and Merdançà pass through the valley of Mieres. Mieres was first documented in 834, under the name of Miliarias. The municipality is formed by the quarters of La Cellera and Sant Pere, as well as the surrounding areas of Samuntà de Dalt, Samuntà de Baix, Brugueroles and Ruïtlles. La Cellera is the quarter which preserves more medieval vestiges, located around the Santa Maria de Romeria church. The Santa Maria del Freixe hermitage must also be noted. Located in the Finestres range, it has a Romanesque origin and is documented since 977.