Can Castellanes


In this building there was Olot's workshop “Castellanes, Serra i Casadevall, A.L”. It was built in the second half of the 19th century, approximately in 1864. The industry of religious images called Els Il·lustres Sants d'Olot were known worldwide for its sculptural technique. This industry disappeared and later started producing decoration profane elements. Can Castellanes was turned into a Civil Guard station after the Civil War and later came back to the industrial production. At the end of the 80s it became a storage place. It now belongs to the Generalitat de Catalunya and is now home to the La Garrotxa Social Consortium. In 2007 the Museum of Saints was born with the main purpose of displaying the long tradition of producing religious images once manufactured by hand. The building has 1.284 m2, three floors and two different facades. The one by the river has a three sided roof, whilst the one facing Palau square has squared windows inside semi-circular arches supported by pilasters with decorated capitals.

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