Casa Escubós


Can Escubós is located in Baix del Tura Street 1-3 – Major Street 22 and is next to Pujador house. It was built between the 17th and 18th centuries and it was completely restored between the years 1905 and 1907. These alterations followed the Modernist style characteristics with wrought iron banisters and glazed ceramic pieces. The balconies and openings are decorated with floral motifs, as well as red and green floral ceramics which contrast with the light green colour of the façade. Therefore, it is a clear example of the aesthetic improvement of an old building, with facades in Conill square, Major Street and Baix del Tura Street, in which the balconies and windows were embellished with tortuous lines. The medaillon of the Major Street façade is engraved with the years 1616-1907; the first date may refer to the year in which the house was built; the second one, without a doubt, the year in which the Modernist restoration ended.

APARCAMENT: Casa Escubós

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