Chair for Peace


Sculpture created in 2003 by Duván López, a Colombian artist resident in Besalú. From afar, the sculpture seems unreal, but that is just an illusion. Like the chair, peace has to be constructed and all of us must form part of it.
Duván López (Quindío 1954- ) is a painter, sculptor and poet who, after his formative years in Colombia, undertook a series of journeys and exhibitions that took him to New York, Paris and Barcelona. His work and collections are found throughout the world, and include Homage to Matisse in the airport of Armenia, Profiles in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá, Chairs for Peace in the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona, Dancers in the Codensa FECSA-ENDESA building in Bogotá, and Fossil in the Antonio Nariño Sculpture Square in the city of Leyva (Colombia).
Critics say:
"La obra de Duván, no es una obra hecha a partir del ingenio, sino del toque del genio que a muy pocos artistas es concedido." Jaume Fàbrega, crítico de arte.
“Duván es uno de los pocos artistas colombianos que pasará no solo a la historia de la pintura sinó a la pintura misma, con Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar y Luis Caballero” Harold Alvarado Teniorio, poeta colombiano.
“Desde Picasso no veía una pintura como la de Duván”, Marlenne Hoffman, artista y galerista colombiana.
“Duván es artista a ciencia y conciencia”, Gil Tovar, crítico de arte colombiano.

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