Masramon house


In 1913 Josep Maria Masramon (lawyer of the Regionalist League, Olot's provincial deputy and president of Olot's library) asked Rafael Masó, an architect from Girona, to build this house. It is found in Vayreda Street 6, close to the Malagrida expansion district, which was under construction at that time. It was home to a well-off family with children and it was built between 1913 and 1914. The facades combine horizontal and vertical elements; the stucco and ceramic in the angular areas; and the wood painted with differents shades of blue. On the inside of the house, parts of the original decoration of some rooms and doors, with a lineal molding around its perimeter and some delicate golden metallic drawings, are still preserved. It is definitely Masó's most important construction and it corresponds to the most remarkable moment of his production (1912-22), when he abandoned the unnecessary details and connected with the most reformist movements of the time: the turn of the century architecture, with mentors like Hoffman or Mackintosh. It is also important to take into account Masó's team: the locksmith Nonet Cadenas Caballer, the painter and sculptor Joan B. Coromina, the sculptor Esteve Monegal Prat, the glass maker Lluís Rigalt, the plasterer Pericot and the stonecutter Casellas. The side entrance of the porch is engraved with the following words: “Josep Mª Masramon me feu fer”.

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