Sant Pere monastery


Sant Pere monastery was founded in 977 by the count Bisbe Miró and consecrated in 1003 by the count Bernat I, also known as Tallaferro. It was originally inhabited by a Benedictine community formed by twelve monks. When the count Tallaferro died, in 1020, the county started to deteriorate and, finally, in 1111, it disappeared. From then onwards the abbot of the monastery became the first authority in the town, a position which gave him a great political influence during the 12th and 13th centuries. This church is very peculiar since it has an ambulatory, an exclusive path which allowed the believers to move easily through the temples without interrupting the rituals taking place simultaneously. During the Medieval Age, pilgrimages were very important. This is why near the monastery we can find the old hospital of Sant Julià, which was precisely where pilgrims stayed. On top of the columns found in the ambulatory there are eight capitals which represent biblical scenes.

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