Santa Anna chapel


Located in Argelaguer's old centre, Santa Anna chapel is a simple construction. The elements that are left suggest that it could have been built between the 11th and 13th centuries. It is a very simple building with a rectangular nave, varrel bault and a semi-circular apse. In 1975 it was restored by the inhabitants of the village. The door bolt is of great interest, since it is a long and strong piece of iron which ends with the head of a snake, quite typical of Catalan Romanesque style. The legend says that Sant Damas' mother is buried under the major altar of this chapel. Sant Damas was the bishop of Rome from 366 to 384. A Medieval tradition says that this saint came from Argelaguer. In fact, one of the first documented references which relates this saint to the village is the book Feyts d'armes de Catalunya by Joan Gaspar Roig i Jalpí (1624-1691). On the other hand, it is said that two babies named Damas and Irene went down the river and, like Moises, a miller took them and raised them as their own children. Argelaguer celebrates the town festivities on the second Sunday of December, the day of Saint Damas.

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